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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Gurdon Light

Located south of Little Rock, Arkansas, Gurdon is a small town with a well known story. Years ago a railroad worker accidentally fell into the path of an oncoming train. His head was severed and never found. Shortly after this incident, a light appeared in the wooded area along the tracks. Witnesses say that the light appears to sway back and forth and hover over the train tracks. The locals say that it is the railroad worker holding a lantern searching for his lost head. The light has been seen and documented by many, including local television media and the popular show Unsolved Mysteries.

For anyone wanting to see this phenomenon for themselves, here is a map to the town. Once there, locals can direct you to the exact location. Be prepared to park your car and hike along the tracks. The light can not be seen from the road.


teleo said...

My sister, her husband, my husband, and I seen the Gurdon Light last night. We used night vision on a comcorder to pick up the light. It was exciting until my husband asked about the light not flashing. He showed us one at a time that the light was shining bright in one place, not flash but yet still hovering over the tracks while the others watch with the naked eye and saw nothing but darkness. It was like it was watching us. Thats when we decided to leave. We are going back in May.

Aura said...

Thanks for your comment. The fact that it could be seen on camera but not with the naked eye. What do you guys think it is?