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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Encounter of the First Kind

On a stormy summer night in 2000, I had an experience that to this day puzzles me. I remember it being a weeknight because everyone was home and in bed early. So there I was in bed for the night, with only the light from my television on, when something caught my eye outside my bedroom window. The window in my room faced our backyard,which had a mature tree bordering it, and my neighbor's yard . Coming from behind the tree, I saw something which appeared to have two conical shaped beams of light on it, one of which came from the bottom of this object. My first thought was that it was a small plane or helicopter in trouble due to the storm. I got nervous because it was quite low, there was no sound and it was getting closer to the house. The object passed through the tree branches and came into our yard where it literally stopped and became suspended in air. Freaked out, I got up and went over to my brother's room to see if he could see what I was seeing and he said that he was watching it too. I went to my parents room and opened their door and told them to come and see what was going on. My dad was too tired but my mom came. When I got back, the lights changed into a large bright white orb, about the size of a bowling ball, with green and red chaser-like lights around it like a rubber band. The orb disappeared after 10 minutes or so and my mom returned to her room. Just as I was about to close the blinds the orb returned. It was a smaller this time, about the size of a grapefruit, and amber in color. The orb then split in two smaller orbs and began circling one another. The two orbs then began to shoot straight up and down in the air, no more than 10 feet up, leaving streaks of light behind. This all began at around 9:30 p.m. and lasted until 1:30 a.m. I stayed up, unable to move from my bed, and watched it the entire time until it disappeared.

At the time I had no camera to photograph this and our video cameras batteries were out, which bothers me to this day. What I saw will stay with me always.

My mom thought that it may have been the weather phenomenon called St. Elmo's Fire. After reading into the subject, I knew that was not what I saw.

Anyone out there care to comment on what they believe it was that I and two other members of my family saw?

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Stephen Cochrane said...

You have an interesting blog. I like your stories. The reason why I'm commenting on this post is because I recently read a book called "Aliens in the Bible" by John Milor. In the first chapter he gives a detailed description of an orb he saw once when he was in the Army, and it sounds like there are some similarities between your story and his. Anyway, you can read his book for free online at http://www.aliensinthebible.com/

Click where it says, "Click here to enter." And then underneath the book called Aliens in the Bible click on Html and do the exact same thing on the following page and it should come right up. Anyway, hope this helps.