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Friday, October 27, 2006

Spirit Dog

Just when I thought my week could not get any worse, my mom phoned to tell me that our dog of 15 years was struck by a vehicle and had to be put down. Sasha was our little beagle, and over the last 3 years her age began to catch up with her. Her sight was not as sharp, her hearing was beginning to go and arthritis set in. We always thought that she would go in her sleep. Not like this...

After returning from the hospital, my dad headed out into the woods, where our dog loved to roam, and began to bury her. At the same time my mom sat down and made a camp fire for herself. My mom said that just then a beautiful little all white dog with big blue eyes came out of nowhere and approached her. He put his face on her lap and began licking her hands and then the tears away from her face. My mother then noticed that this dog had the same exact tire markings on the right side of his body just like the ones on our dog. This dog then left my mothers side and headed out into the woods.

When my father returned he told my mom that he was visited by a little white dog. The dog did the same thing to my dad as he was burying our beloved beagle. He too noticed the tire markings on the dog and could not believe it. The dog then turned and ran off.

No one had ever seen the dog before and it had no tags. My mother and father could not believe the manner in which this dog approached them and the markings that matched those that were on our dog.

They feel that it was a sign from our dog that she is okay. I find it comforting.

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