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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Visit From A Loved One

In January of 2002, I lost an uncle to lung cancer. He lived a hard and fast life and by the age of 46 it all caught up to him. We were close despite his lifestyle and it was very difficult to let him go when he passed.

In December of 2004, my husband and I had our first child. I had complications during my delivery and ended up having a c-section. The months following our new arrival were painful and my recovery was slow. Almost immediately after bringing our son home, we began to smell cigarette smoke in different areas of our house. My husband and I do not smoke and no one is allowed to smoke in our home. It was as if someone lit a cigarette and left it to burn in an ashtray. I would walk through an area were the smell was the strongest and I would actually come out with the smell of smoke in my hair and on my clothes. It really began to disturb me when the smell was around our sons crib. I was worried about my baby being exposed to that yet there was no visible smoke. Early on I felt that it was my uncle checking in on us. This happened on and off over a period of four months and then one day it stopped.

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