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Friday, November 17, 2006

Cattle Mutilations

What is the truth behind cattle mutilations? Who or what is doing this and why?

The first known reports were in 1973. Back then it was believed to be the work of some satanic cult. Soon after, reports where coming in from ranchers throughout the Midwest. What is known is that there are high levels of radiation around the carcass. No other predatory animals will come near a carcass even with the fresh meat still intact and exposed. There are never any footprints leading to or from the sight. Sometimes all blood from the animal is removed and in other cases there are organs and bones missing. Those that have been at the site of a mutilation say that the areas where organs have been removed appear to have been cauterized. Also, around the time of most mutilations unmarked, black helicopters and UFO's have been sighted.

Interestingly, cattle blood is very similar to that of humans and often times used in labs to create human blood plasma.

Here are some popular theories out there today:
1) Caused by some sort of satanic ritual
2) Mass hysteria by public
3) UFO's
4) Laser type weapon is being tested by a secret agency

Today many places in North and South America have similar reports and other types of animals are being discovered. Which one do you think is responsible for thousands of animal deaths? I am leaning towards number 4 on this one first and my second pick would be number 3.

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