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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Fallen Angel

When you enter my parents home the first thing you see to the left of you is an oak staircase leading upstairs, a large chandelier hanging in the foyer above you and a beautiful wooden shelf on the wall, which faces the doorway, with 3 ceramic cherubs sitting on it.

My mom phoned me one day to tell me that she came home and found one of the cherubs laying broken on the landing. Now, one would expect the angel to have fallen straight down to the ceramic tile below. However, in the position it was found in, it would have had to fallen sideways a least a whole foot to make it on the landing. As I sit here and type this, I am picturing the position of the shelf to the stairway. I can not come up with a reasonable explanation as to how the angel got there.

This made my mom pretty uneasy. It is not the first and last time that an object came down in a way which gave us the creeps. I will save those incidences for future posts.

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