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Friday, February 09, 2007

Celebrity Ghosts

Hollywood is known for many things including its tales of hauntings by famous dead celebrities. Many of these stars lived trouble lives filled with regret, need for attention, desperation and overindulgence. It is no wonder that some remain earthbound after their death.

I will start with the most famous celebrity ghost, Marilyn Monroe. Her untimely death came on August 5, 1962, from an overdose of sleeping pills in her Hollywood home. Her ghost is known to haunt the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. There is a full length mirror that was once hung in her suite. A number of people say they have seen her image appear in it. She is also believed to haunt her home where the overdose occurred and her tomb in Los Angeles.

Rudolph Valentino was famous for his romantic roles during the era of silent films. He died at the age of 31 from an ulcer. His ghost has been seen at his former mansion a number of times, at his beach house and at the site of his burial in Hollywood. A worker tending to the stable at Valentino's mansion saw his ghost petting a beloved horse. The worker quit his job that day and never returned.

George Reeves, famous for his 1950's role as Superman, committed suicide in 1959. His ghost has been seen at his home wearing the infamous Superman costume.

Stage 31 at Paramount Studios is home to the ghost of Red Foxx. The star of "Sanford & Son" died of a heart attack there after his very public battle with the IRS. His voice can be heard laughing in the studio. The owner of his Las Vegas home has also claimed to see his ghost there. Lights go on and off by themselves and doors open and close there as well.

Yesterday Anna Nicole Smith died in her Florida hotel room. She too led a troubled life filled with sadness. I hope that her spirit is able to cross over and finally be at peace.

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