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Friday, February 16, 2007

Medium Allison DuBois

The hit television show Medium is based on the real life abilities of Allison Dubois. For those of you that do not get the show or have not seen it yet, Allison is a medium who works with law enforcement agencies throughout the United States solving crimes. This week I happened to catch her appearance on Oprah. I was very impressed with her talent and how she uses it to bring closure to the many unfortunate families who lost a loved one.

I have always believed that there are those who have the ability to tap into the "sixth sense". However, I am also aware of the many people who claim to have the same gift and are really scam artists. There is no shortage of these people in the phone books and on television trying to lure us into handing over our money. I think that it is sad that those who truly have the gift of sight are often not taken seriously because of these people and the negative connotation that comes with the word "psychic" these days.

Did anyone catch the show? If so, what did you think?


lovering said...

Actually, every agency that Allison DuBois has claimed to help denies tha she has ever been involved in a case. Several investigative reporters have proved that she makes up her stories or exagerates her involvement in cases.

Aura said...

I heard the opposite with this one. A detective from Arizona accompanied her during an interview and backed up her "impressions" with evidence from one of his cases. I believe that a small number of people have been given this gift and she is pretty convincing. I had an experience 15 years ago with a psychic, what I was told was very accurate. Because of my experience I will not go to a psychic again. It really freaked me out!