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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Stockholm's Haunted Mansion

The Palace of Scheffler is the most famous haunted house in Stockholm, Sweden. Built in the 1690's by a merchant named Hans Petter Scheffler, this home is the site of a suicide and murder.

Perhaps the tragedies that have taken place here could explain the paranormal activities that have been reported since the 18th century. An owner of the estate, who was believed to be practicing the occult, mysteriously disappeared in 1796. In 1879, the opera singer Gustaf Sandstrom committed suicide in a room that he was renting. In 1907 a grave was found on the property. The skeleton was dug up and moved to a cemetery and it has been speculated that more graves are at this location. According to some, a young couple was murdered in this home and their bodies bricked-up in the wall of the basement.

"Since the 1920s, the estate is owned by Stockholm University and mostly used for storage of art and to occasionally hold conferences." (Wiki) The reports of strange sounds, ghostly figures and objects mysteriously breaking on their own are still occurring today.

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