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Monday, March 05, 2007

A City Built On Its Dead

Savannah, Georgia tops the list as one of America's most haunted cities. Founded in 1733, the city was once home to public hangings, war, rueful pirates and runaway slaves. The city was also a home to Native Americans and British Colonists. In 1820, a yellow fever epidemic broke out and killed a tenth of Savannah’s population. With a history steeped in violence, pain and suffering - it's no wonder this place is home to so many restless souls.

One of the explanations given for all of the paranormal activity has to do with the expansion of the city. It is said that a number of streets, homes and businesses were built upon existing graveyards. The grave markers were removed, but the bodies were left in place. One belief by many is that Bay Street, one of Savannah's main thoroughfares, was built atop the remains of Native Americans. Colonial Park Cemetery is the second oldest in the city and the site of many apparitions. Dating back to 1750, it once held over 10,000 graves. Today there are around 600 gravestones remaining, and the cemetery covers only a portion of the land then it once did. Perhaps it is due to the destruction of graves and lack of respect for the dead that Savannah is plagued by so many hauntings.


Sue said...

Coolio! I would love to visit one day!

Cheers From Toronto!

Aura said...

Me too. Thanks for the link at your site!

nancy paahana said...

E hele ka `elemakule, ka luahine,
a me na kamali`i a moe i ke ala
`a`ohe mea nana e ho`opilikia.
Carmen Soria

Aura said...

Care to translate?