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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Image In Photograph!?!

Here is a photograph that was recently sent in by a reader.

Do you see the figure on the ceiling? This photo was taken days after moving in during renovation in the home. Along with this strange image, the owner told me that she hears a number of noises in the house when she is alone. Also, her and her boyfriend have heard a loud noise on more than one occasion coming from the upstairs. When they go to see what it is, they can not find the source.

What do you all think?


Haunted TUNA said...

That could be what they call "shadow people"?! Cos they move around and through walls I think I've read.
Did she write anything about that? She should google it!

Aura said...

I heard about shadow people recently. Thanks, hopefully she checks the comments here. I will email her about it too.

This was everything that she told me. She also mentioned that she has a lot of pictures with orbs in them. Maybe she will send me a few of those.

DarthImmortal said...

Another weird anomaly about this photo are the bars or lines going down. Was this a digital photo or a scan from a print?

Aura said...

Hi darthimmortal

This photo was taken with a 35mm camera. The dark image was on the original that she scanned when sent to me. I should have mentioned this in my post...The reader told me her camera was pretty crappy causing the vertical lines that you see here on all her pictures not just this one. This is the only picture that has the "figure" in it from a series they took that day. She now owns a digital camera and continues to capture orbs.

DarthImmortal said...

It's definitely a very interesting photo. I have never seen anything quite like that.