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Monday, March 12, 2007

The Bedroom Door

Another strange thing that happens often in my childhood home is the opening and closing of a door. When my great grandparents were alive it was the door to their bedroom. Today, my oldest brother sleeps in there and on the other side of this door is our family room. A number of us have all witnessed this door closing by itself while in the family room. My mom even went as far as putting a weighted object at the bottom of the door to prevent it from shutting. The door continued to close on its own, and the object used as a weight would simply slide across the hardwood out of the way. Sometimes when the door was closed it would slowly open as if someone was trying to quietly open it on the other side.

My mom figures that it is my great grandparents way of letting us know that they are around. When they were alive, they disliked us closing their bedroom door when we were in the next room. We saw it as a courtesy to them, while they felt like we were "shutting them up" in their room.


Haunted TUNA said...

It's interesting, but isn't it scary??

What does it really mean - that they havn't left earth yet? Or are there other explanations?

Aura said...

With everything that I have experienced there, I do not feel that it is them. I recently learned of one possible explanation to all the activity. I will post that soon. Everything that I experienced there always frightened me.