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Saturday, March 24, 2007

One Possible Explanation

For so long I have wondered what was the cause for all the unexplainable phenomenon that has occurred and continues to in my childhood home. At times I wanted to believe, although I never fully convinced myself, that it was a family member trying to contact us. I even looked into the possibility that it could have a connection with the native Indians who once occupied the area. Then I remembered something...

There was a home there in the 70's that burned down. I can remember finding personal belongings in the soil the day that construction began back in 1988. Items like forks, broken plates and picture frames. At the time, the neighbors told us no one was hurt and the family who lost everything left. Recently, my mother told me something that gave me a bit of a chill. She struck up a conversation with a neighbor who for years kept to herself. She has lived adjacent to our lot since the 60's. They got to talking somehow about the house that once stood where ours now does. Apparently the family who lost everything in the fire did not have insurance on their house. The women also told my mother that weeks after the devastation of losing their dream home, the male homeowner died of a heart attack.

I now sit here and wonder if this is who could be making all the "noise" in my parents home. If so, maybe the emotional ties he had with his home and the loss are so strong that this is what is keeping him around.

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