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Thursday, March 01, 2007

An Unseen Visitor

In recent years my mother has been experiencing the sound of footsteps in her home. On a number of occasions it has happened while she is in the basement doing laundry. She told me that it sounds like someone has come through the front door, and is walking around. A lot of times she figures that it is my dad returning home for the day. After calling out his name, and getting no response, she'll head upstairs only to find that no one is there. Initially it creeps her out, but with each occurrence she is beginning to become more comfortable with their unseen visitor.

I have had a number of experiences while living at home, but I never heard footsteps throughout the inside of the house. I told my parents that they should consider contacting someone who could come to the home, and perhaps give them some insight as to who or what is causing these disturbances. If it was me I would want to know.

I have always had an interest with the paranormal, but it was those moments where I had my own encounters with the unexplained that eventually got me to start this blog.


Anonymous said...

Interesting story. From the other posts you have written sounds like your parents' house is a creepy place.

Haunted Tuna said...

at least its good that shes gettin used to hear it...!!

Aura said...

I am going to continue to encourage them to find out more about who or what could be causing this.