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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Hampton Court Palace Ghost

This video was taken in December of 2003 at the Hampton Court Palace near London, England, which was once home to King Henry VIII. Security guards heard the alarm go off indicating that the fire door had been opened. They checked the doors and found them closed. When they went to examine the tape from the closed-circuit security camera this is what they saw.

The alarm was tripped the day before at the same time and the day following this video. The ghostly specter showed up on the camera only once. A spokesperson for the Palace, said “We’re baffled too--it’s not a joke, we haven’t manufactured it. We genuinely do not know who it is or what it is.” Some have speculated that this is the ghost of Henry VIII who is known to haunt his former residence.

Click here to see it slowed and zoomed.


Steve said...

It is a truly strange video and I am not sure what to make of it.

If it is a ghost I don't think it is Henry VIII. He was, I believe, a much more portly gentleman.

Weight problem or not, more than one woman was known to loose her head over him :-)

DarthImmortal said...

This is an awesome video! I saw it a while back and am still appreciating its significance.

Haunted TUNA said...

Hmm, I saw this a while back also . Dunno what to believe... as usual :-/

Aura said...

Hi guys! I remember seeing this on the news. It is one of my all time favorites. I try to find the best for my readers out there. Thanks for the comments!