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Saturday, May 19, 2007

All About UFO's

For all you who love shows on UFO's, be sure not to miss watching the History Channel on Sunday, May 27th. A number of hours dedicated to this subject will be aired that day.

Click here to see the program schedule for that day.


Kody Woywitka said...

I suffered from the "old hag" for years. At times once a week, other times once a month. It was so unbearable I was scared to sleep. The worst experiences was when I knew it was going to happen.
! On the bright side I beat it !
I believe in God, Jesus, Hark Angles, and the devil.
I accepted the fact the Hag is real.
I was readied myself for a visit through prayer. I ask father God to be their when she approaches, I asked Saint Michal to help battle. And I begged Jesus to be by my side.
When I felt comfortable to go to sleep I did.
I awoke that night paralized & murmmering watching this shadow creature crawl on the floor towards me. I than started to pray quietly in my head like this
"Saint Michal yield your sword, In Jesus Name I rebuke all your wrong doing and bind you down to the pit. In Jesus Name with my shield of faith and spear of hope you cannot hurt me. In Jesus name Saint Michal will yield his sword. I rebuke you and cast you down to the pit. I bind you, In Jesus name"

I kept on repeating my self until I could speak and I stood up and held my hands out like I was pushing the spirit. I spoke loud and firm the same prayer
"in Jesus name I rebuke all of your wrong doings I bind you and cast you down to the pit in Jesus name"
Than I felt a calming in the house and I knew this creature was gone.
It was years later I felt the presence of the creature. And a few years later I woke up during the night unable to move or speak. So this is a battle I will be fighting my entire life but In Jesus name I know I cannot fear it.

Maria Too said...

I was almost 9 months pregnant. I was sleeping on the couch because I was so uncomfortable. My husband felt bad for me and squeezed himself into the love seat cross the living room. We both fell asleep. I'm not sure why I woke up, but I did. I saw the silhouette of what I thought was a women with very messy hair. She was moving towards me. I was never able to see her face, it just looks like dark shadow. I had my arm under my head, like a pillow. She gets to me and grabs my arm with one hand so I that I can't bring it down. With the other hand she reaches into my arm pit, like she is trying to tickle me only it really hurts and she's digging really deep. I try to pull my arm down and I can't. Finally she just disappears. I wrapped my arms around my pregnant belly and had a strange thought, I thought to myself please don't hurt my baby. My baby died less than a week later. I'm not an irrational person, I know this sounds crazy so I never tell anyone.