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Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Dragon's Triangle

We are all familiar with the Bermuda Triangle, but did you know that another triangle of terror exists just southeast of Japan? Less known, the Dragon's Triangle is located between Japan and the Bonin Islands and has a reputation far worse than that of the infamous Bermuda Triangle.

"For over a thousand years, possibly longer, the Japanese and their neighbors have recorded strange occurrences and disappearances. Ancient records tell of restless dragons surfacing from the depths, and taking unfortunate mariners back to their underground lairs. Legends dating back to c.1000Bc tell of underwater palaces inhabited by dragons and of a great slumbering dragon which lived in the cavern beneath the sea." Ade Dimmick - MysteryMag
Hence the name: Dragon's Triangle

The disappearance of aircraft, large maritime vessels, and fishing boats was occurring at such a high rate that Japanese authorities officially declared it a 'shipping danger zone' in 1950. In 1952, the Japanese government sent out a research ship called the Kaio Maru No. 5 to find answers to the mystery surrounding this area. Unfortunately, the crew of this ship suffered the same mysterious fate they set out to find answers to. Twenty-two crewmen and nine scientist were gone forever adding to the several hundred other lives that have been lost in the Dragon's Triangle.

Like the Bermuda Triangle, the Dragon's Triangle is the subject of great controversy. The area is known to have volatile sudden weather changes along with undersea volcanoes which are abundant in the region. Many believe these naturally occurring environmental changes are the cause and no other explanation needs to be given. Others are convinced that UFO's and USO's (unidentified submerged object's) are the cause.


Jeffrey said...

But where are the dragons? I was really hoping there would be dragons!

Jade said...

Geographically the two triangles share much in common as well. Both triangles are located at 35° west and 35° east latitude and longitude which means that if you were to start out in the Bermuda triangle and were to travel straight through the center of the earth you would come out at the Dragon's Triangle. The Bermuda Triangle and the Dragon's Triangle are both located at the eastern end of continental masses, where warm and cold currents collide and the sea is swept by strong currents over volcanic areas. Also both are areas where the ocean floor varies from shallow areas to the deepest trenches of the sea, in the Bermuda Triangle there is a trench north of Puerto Rica and in the Dragon's Triangle there is the Ogasawara Deep and the Marianas trench. Needless to say the Dragon's Triangle is volatile, subject to sudden weather changes and ocean swells not yet understood.

Aura said...

Thanks for your comment.

These two places are on my list of places to Not travel to.

Anonymous said...

ei, a lot of people would appreciate it if you would quote your sources, (ie.: The Devil's Triangle ). The original author/s might misconstrue it as copyright infringement.

Aura said...

I did and always do. Did you not see the quotes around the paragraph with a link back to the original source????

Gretchen said...

The History Channel is doing a special on this subject right now. Pretty neat stuff.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I didn't know that the triangles were across the world from each other neat...

Anonymous said...

May be this is really happened and true, I believed that their is something in our planet that is unexplained and not yet proven to be happened. But think about it! Not only human live in this world created by the Almighty GOD!!!

rohit said...

its nither natural or dragans it may be the aliens the man culprit of it if this proved then its a biggest proof for their existance

Anonymous said...

the dragons are probably the volcanoes. case closed.

Anonymous said...

the bermuda triangle has the same latitude as mexico's own "the zone of silence" which means "the bermuda triangle and the dragon's triangle all have the same latitude.. scientist believe these 3 locations are vortex's to some other galaxy or deminsion...

Anonymous said...

The 'Devil's Triangle' has actually been largely fictionalized. Almost all ships that have gone missing are actually just small fishing boats and many of the 'ships' that have supposedly 'gone missing' can't even be substantiated to have ever even existed.

Anonymous said...

"...its nither natural or dragans it may be the aliens the man culprit of it if this proved then its a biggest proof for their existance"

Can anyone here translate gibberish?

Anonymous said...

Facts are important to understand as evidence. There are certainly tales and fiction created to make any story more interesting.
However the facts regarding real disappearances, unexplained magnetic and equipment malfunctions are very real. Do some research and get the facts. As a matter of fact the Japanese government has declared the Dragon's Triangle an official danger zone due to the unexplainable disappearances of numerous large vessels, including government research crews.

Cristiano Kutter said...

Impressive these facts. Amazing how each day brings new mysteries. Researching, I found many things that I had no idea existed. You can check this site, where several articles are reuinidos. I await your comments.


Congratulations on publishing!

Anonymous said...

there are no real dragons,
its just funny that some people believed there was mysterious dragon lurking in the dragons triangle, HELL NO.
as of what i understand after playing TOMB RAIDER: A SURVIVOR IS BORN, that is all about surviving the LOST ISLAND OF YAMATAI because of dragon's triangle.

other people might say its just a computer game but for a game it tells a lot about history, most of the info's you can find there real but not at all, because they need to add some side stories to make it more interesting..

because of UFO?

give me a break,
i'd rather believe that queen himiko want's to be resurrected
and trapped in a decaying body rather believing that ufo's are the one's causing those UNCONDITIONAL WEATHER.

LinLohLan said...

Our 21st century jet planes, guided missiles, & spacecraft liftoffs would look like fire-breathing dragons to century or more earlier people. Wormhole? Shades of the Philadelphia Experiment time travel? How about Saint Catherine's wheel, Jacob's ladder, chariots of fire, & the clear description of helicopter's in the Book of Revelations? Be open to other interpretations.

Anonymous said...

Someone wrote here that these triangles share properties. For instance:
>>> Both triangles are located at 35° west and 35° east latitude and longitude which means that if you were to start out in the Bermuda triangle and were to travel straight through the center of the earth you would come out at the Dragon's Triangle.

Well one should think before writing: Firstly, both triangles are in the northern hemisphere. If you pierced the earth at the Bermuda's triangle (lets say its center of gravity) to the center of the earth, you'd get on the SOUTHERN hemisphere. So much for the truth.
Then, 35 east latitude is a meridian going from Russia to Crimea (now Russia btw!), Israel Jordan, Saudi and Sudan, etc. So much for Japan.

The longitude of the complement to 180 degrees is 145 and yes it does go through Japan, northern Mariana islands, etc.

linkperson said...

this was so coll to lern about