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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Haunted Land

In the summer of 1990, my parents discovered a rustic vacation getaway tucked along Kentucky Lake. The resort lies in a densely forested area, not uncommon in the state of Kentucky, where at one time the nearby grounds were a stopover for supplies during the Civil War. As a 12 year old child the place gave me the creeps, especially at night. Today, I love it and take my own family there once a year.

Over the years we have heard a number of stories from the locals about ghost lights seen dancing in the woods at night, sightings of apparitions dressed in Civil War uniforms, and strange sounds. Friends of ours who own property there along the lake have also seen and heard strange things.

Nine years ago, my mother and father were looking to buy some land in the area. They found a nice piece of property along the lake with an old home on it that needed to be torn down. Their plans were to build a brand new summer/vacation home there in its place. When my baba (grandma) joined us on vacation one weekend, my mother wanted to show her the property that they were considering to purchase. Being a short distance from the resort, they decided to walk there. As they neared the property, the came to a well known little dirt/gravel road that runs through where the land for sale was. As my mother began talking to my baba about their plans for the place, she felt a hard push on her back causing her to take a nasty fall. When they came back we found my moms legs and hands all scraped up from the fall. She was terribly shaken and it took a stiff drink to calm her down to the point where she could tell us what happened. After this incident my parents saw this as a sign of warning and chose to look elsewhere.

Some years later I spoke to my baba about what took place that day. She told me how she saw my mother go flying forward by some unseen force. She felt strongly that something was there that did not want them around. The next thing she did was cross herself, say god help us and changed the subject.

The well known dirt/gravel road that I mentioned earlier was the path that soldiers took to pick up supplies during the Civil War. Every time I see this road (which was made by those who marched on it) I think of where those soldiers were headed and the emotions that they carried with them.


Anonymous said...

That's a great story Aura. Anyone who has ever had a paranormal experience firsthand will tell you that there are forces unseen in this world that manifest at will. It's interesting how the "fear factor" comes in later, the initial reaction is more like shock or awe.

Aura said...

It is something none of us will ever forget and every time we pass by the spot we think back to that day. What ever it was, we feel that it is still there. To this day no one has ever purchased the land for sale and the house still sits in ruins along the worn dirt road.

Anonymous said...

Wow, so you guys weren't the only ones to experience a phenomenon there... or feel haunted by that location (otherwise someone surely would have bought the place). Have you ever thought of introducing a paranormal research team to the location for investigation?

Aura said...

No, we never really considered it. I will be heading there this fall and will be meeting with some of the locals and our friends to record their stories.

Anonymous said...

You should definitely write about it again in more detail Aura...it sounds like a great story.

A.V. Michaels said...

Aloha, we get spooky lights here in certain places in Hawaii; it can be unnerving. Great site here, well done, nicely updated! Mahalo!

Aura said...

Hi a.v. michaels,

Thanks for your comment and stopping by :)

If you ever want to share your experience/story on these lights, I would love to post it for you here on my site. Just click the email me button on my page.

Have a good one