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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Scream Of The Sasquatch

Some believe this to be an actual recording of a Sasquatch. Others believe it to be nothing more than known wildlife in the area.

I have spent the night out deep in the woods on a number of occasions, and have never heard anything like this before.


Anonymous said...

Whatever it is...it's really creepy. I camp up North in Ontario all summer long and have never ever heard anything like that!

Rand said...

Wouldn't know what to do if I were ever in that situation, would be really freaked out and would want to get outta there quick, but I would also feel kind of compelled to try and find what ever it was, sounded like something in distress to me.

Aura said...

I agree. My first instinct would be to run, but if we are ever going to solve this mystery someone needs to bring forth clear evidence of their existence.

Anonymous said...

Aura, I don't know if you saw it, but National Geographic did a special on "Bigfoot" where their experts weighed in on the phenomenon. It was very interesting. Here's the links:


Aura said...

No, I did not see that. Thanks. I will check those out!

Bigfoot Sightings said...

Great recording. I would love to hear this while camping in the woods. I live in the Klamath National Forest but have never heard this. Coyotes? No way!