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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Three Knocks At The Door

Here is an experience that a reader recently shared with me. Your thoughts on this would be much appreciated.
Hey there, I just came across your blog on blogspot.com after doing a google
search of "three unexplained knocks", which linked me to your profile with
the story about your great-grandmother. Reading your other stories, I see
you've had quite a lot of experiences with the paranormal. The reason I was
doing a search for the knocking was because tonight, when trying to sleep
but still wide awake, I heard three knocks at my bedroom door, as did my dog
who jumped up and started barking. Thing is, my mother and father were
upstairs sound asleep, so it wasn't them.. I just found it creepy and a bit
disconcerting since I remember the legend of the 'death knock'.. but I was
wondering, since you seem to be used to this kind of stuff.. do you think it
meant anything, or was maybe just a spirit passing through? I don't think it
was in my imagination.. no way, since the knocking was way too loud to pass
it off.

Growing up in an old house in NJ, I always would hear my name being called
when no one was there, would see black shadows darting past in the corner of
my eyes, felt like I was being watched with the hair on my neck standing up,
had a few doors open unexplained, as well as felt someone sit next to me on
my bed while I was lying down... bed springs and all.

The house I live in now in PA (I moved here 4 years ago at 17) has been
built for us, and there's never been any weird happenings.. well, that's not
true, but it wasn't as bad as the old house. I've felt someone sit next to
me in my bed once (with my mother reporting the same feeling the next
morning), and had the door open a few times, but nothing really alarming.
And these happenings were within the first year I moved there; nothing

So these knocks really creeped me out.. have anything like this happen to
you before? Who (or what) do you think it is? Anyway, love the blog!
Thanks again for sharing your story with me and the rest of my readers.


Moolafoo said...

I have done the same thing as this other reader. I also searched google and found your site. Last night the same thing happened, I woke up and there were three distinct knocks on my bedroom door. This wasn't wood creaking, or the door banging. It was as clear as day, I could feel something was behind it. If you ever read my blog I am a cynical git, but this was something else. Recently I have gone through a bereavement, and I don't know if it was contact or what it might be, but it was as clear as day and I couldn't open the door.

Aura said...

Thanks for your comment. Checked your site out. Full of good rants :P

I wonder what the significance of 3 is here? Another reader emailed me last week telling of the same experience.

Moolafoo said...

Oh yes well I do like to rant about most things... :) ahem..

But it was very strange. i am sitting here watching the shawshank redemption, just as Morgan does his final speech, and wondering if the same thing will happen tonight. Part of me is thinking stop being a wuss, but I have seen ghosts on three occasions.. and like to think I am slightly sane.. well almost...

Aura said...

Do tell, I would love to hear about your experiences.

Has anyone recently passed in your family/circle of friends that may be responsible for the knocks? Where you live, have you made any "cosmetic changes"?

LOL, not all of us can be crazy..right?

Anonymous said...

Must read this!!
We live in NJ
I WOULD like to hear from anyone that ever heard "3 Distinctive Knocks" while they are sleeping or in bed, 1992 while living alone in a 100 year old Carriage house I awoke by three Distinctive knocks on the entrance door around 3:30 am I was frighten! It woke me up. I grabbed my gun and just sat there until on the couch until morning it was really freaky. No one was there!

June 2007 Now married and a 5 year old child we purchased a 50 year old home in NJ while playing ps2 game while myself sitting in the living room and just had moved in approx, 2:30am or 3:00am I heard knocking on the ceiling there was nothing up there because we just ripped out all old insulation and replaced with new. I must tell you I was freaked! The next day my brother who lives in Florida told me a story that on the same night he was out his wife heard knocking on the ceiling or walls he wasn't home at the time but he called a neighbor and sent him to check out the home which found nothing, he called me and both of us compared stories.

November 2007 My father who is 85 years old was up visiting and one night while half sleeping approx. 4:30 am in the guest bedroom he awoke by 3 Distinctive Knocks he got up and look around, he turned on the outside lights and he found nothing, he told me the story and I was Freaked out!

January 2007 My wife was sleeping in the guessed bedroom since I snore and my daughter comes in our bed sometimes at night and my wife cant sleep well she slept in the guest bedroom and around 3;30 am she was awaken by 3 Distinctive Knocks She was petrified! she heard it in the same room as my father did.

I dont know about you guys but I must tell you we try to debunk these noises and we dont have a clue what it could be, I was a construction worker in my earlier years I understand about homes and plumbing, my brother does also, I jumped on the websites and start looking into the 3 Distinctive knocks keywords, I'm not hearing things there are 3 other people that had the same or similar experiences, I dont know what does this I would like anyone to share their experience who had the 3 Distinctive knocks also. Thanks

Aura said...

Thanks private014 for sharing your experiences. I get quite a few hits on this post.

sanjo said...

Wow! Me too---frustrated, scared,perplexed I googgled three knocks..so here I am.
My story is similar to the rest...EXCPT I have a creepy ending. Two months ago...while in a remore cottage near some woods in upstate NY I was awakened at 2:30 by those distinct...insistent almost annoyed sounding three knocks. I invesigated ...Nothing human made them...no footprints in the snow...( I was in an upstairs bedroom///The knocks came from the outside wooden storm door)....oh welll... I went to sleep.

Second time....4/3/08, again, alone in the cottage....awakened at 2:30 am.... but THIS time I sensed sometging some presence coming into the house thru the bedroom window. THEN I saw/ felt my bed sheets russle...like my small kitty was coming in to snuggle....problem was...I was truly alone; no cats at all! The next thing I felt was s pressure on my lower back sacral bone abd the back on my neck...( As i lied in the bed scared)....and then... I decidd to fight back...I said...stop it! I believe in Jesus Christ! and the pressure alleviated immediately.

You should know that my best friends mom died just 40 hours earlier...and that I was praying for her as she laid dyring in the hospice room....

The weather was cold, damp, and rainy.
I do astyrology reasearch...any one else know a time that this occurred? best to all...

Aura said...

That is a great story sanjo, thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,
In regards to the "three knocks" story ,i might have left my story on here but I will again. to show that its a real story you can look up my old post from when I was like fifteen if you google pinksugar777 it brings up my old email and my story. I am 22 yrs old now and once in a while check postings to see if anyone else has had my experiences because they seem rare to me .I am surprised to find this many people with the same experiences.In fact I have had the same exact one as the first story posted here.But disregard all the other things on their besides the knocking ,it may have very well been my friends playing pranks Except i found one thing out that may be the same or different as the other stories. when i had the three knocks on my bedroom door ,i think i was in sleep paralysis and this being that came to my door wanted to take me somewhere. Because it happens now alot where I felt someone sitting next to me on the bed,I go paralyzed unless I can will myself to wake up . Then an out of body experience starts to occur (where your spirit floats above your body and may astrally project) but i have been so scared of this presence that i fight back. Im sure its either your spirit guides or a deceased loved one .Mine happens sometimes with out of body experiences or when im awake. One time I tried to make a deal with the presence to stop trying to take me until i was ready (becuase I will eventually go with it because I know it wants to show me something or teach me something)and then the next night I just felt a hand on my leg as I slept and I thought "your not going to take me anywhere?" and half expected an answer but it never answers me it just sat their with its hand on my leg and i wasnt scared I just thought ok ill see what it does next but then I guess I just fell asleep. You dont see anything you feel it ,you can look up but the rest of the body is paralyzed sometimes and sometimes not. I dont really know anyone personally who died so I think its a spirit guide. If you want to hear all my other stories of the same kind ,I have the three knocks story,presence on the bed ,knocks all over the walls,someone calling my name and so on .alot of the same as you guys
Email me at may18hottie@aol.com

Mark said...

7-22-08 12:30 am just going to bed !!!
JUST an UPDATE on the three Knocks which has not been figured out, well something else has happened to me this time, my daughter and wife sleeps in the master bedroom it was time for me to go to bed around 12:30 ish I just laid to bed and just laying there until approx 15 minutes later something or whatever pressed down on the side of the mattress twice approx 4 minutes apart,, I looked up the first time and there was noting I know I felt it I saw nothing, it I laid back down and 4 minutes later while facing the other way it happened again but I was calm I knew if I was freaked out I would sleep I was very calm,, after that I went to sleep nothing else happened after that. so whatever that was it was doing something, Im not a Kook just something unexplainable

Anonymous said...


7-22-08 12:30 am just going to bed !!!
JUST an UPDATE on the three Knocks which has not been figured out, well something else has happened to me this time, my daughter and wife sleeps in the master bedroom it was time for me to go to bed around 12:30 ish I just laid to bed and just laying there until approx 15 minutes later something or whatever pressed down on the side of the mattress twice approx 4 minutes apart,, I looked up the first time and there was noting I know I felt it I saw nothing, it I laid back down and 4 minutes later while facing the other way it happened again but I was calm I knew if I was freaked out I would sleep I was very calm,, after that I went to sleep nothing else happened after that. so whatever that was it was doing something, Im not a Kook just something unexplainable

Anonymous said...

(My wife and I have experienced the three knocks at night, too. I posted the following comments at another site, but then I found this site/thread, which seemed more relevant).

My wife and I have been hearing three knocks in the middle of the night a few times a year for the past few years. It happened at our old house, at our current house, and even on a recent vacation (we were staying in my sister-in-law's apartment in 1,200 miles away).

One time it was so loud our neighbors even heard it. It's usually three distinct knocks spaced about a second apart. Most times it happens around 2:20 a.m. It sounds like someone is knocking on hard wood. The location of the sound is very hard to place. To me, it sound's like it's not quite in the room but not quite outside of the room either.

It doesn't sound scary or malicious. My wife's theory is that it's her mother trying to communicate to her (her mother died 5 years ago).


Aura said...

Thanks MWallace for stopping by and sharing your story with me and the rest of my readers.

As you can see a number of people have experienced a similar phenomenon. I am not sure what the relevance of 3 is in this case but the knocks suggest someone/thing trying to get your attention. The time of night is interesting as well-does that hour mean anything to either of you?

My great grandmother had three knocks on her bedroom window every year on the anniversary of her daughters death.

Moolafoo said...

I haven't really gone into too much detail about my experience due to the fact that it was a very personal bereavement but it was a knock on wood, three seconds apart. I haven't heard anything since, but I do believe that it was a form of contact although at the time it made my heart stop! Since the loss I have read up on a lot of paranormal stuff (I suppose it brings comfort) and recently read about a team from Nasa (in the Sunday Times) looking at orbs and how bright lights will appear in photos behind or next to people. Again being slightly cynical this could be anything, but then again it could be something. I do like to believe that it is something, and without going 'too heavy' that this is a mere shell for us to then explore the universe when we pass on.. otherwise one wonders what it is all for... and why I pay taxes.. :o)

MWallace said...

My wife's mother was in the hospital a few weeks before she died. The night before she died, my wife forgot to leave her mobile phone on. The hospital called several times around 2-3 a.m. to tell us her condition had worsened and that we should come to the hospital. We didn't get the messages until around 6 a.m. Her mother died later that morning after we went to the hospital. My wife has felt a little guilty about it ever since.

Also, when my wife was about eight weeks pregnant with our first son, she suffered some very serious and life-threatening complications around midnight -- he was was born 5 weeks prematurely at 3:12 a.m. That was two years after her mother died. I think the first time we heard the knocks was either shortly before or after his birth. (He's now a very happy and healthy two-year-old.)

I don't really believe in ghosts or spirits, but if we assume there is such a thing, one could speculate it was a signal from my wife's mother related to that event.

My wife also says her aunt's family used to hear three knocks in their house in Mexico for years. Several decades ago the house next door was razed, and the excavation crew discovered the remains of several people who had been murdered many years before during a robbery. Her aunt thinks the knocks came from the spirits of those people.

Aura said...

Thanks for sharing-my great grandmothers experience brought her comfort and validation.

Often times spirits will come back to those who are left with guilt to let them know that they are okay and also to heal those left behind. This occurs, most often, shortly after their passing.

Anonymous said...

Oddly enough, like many others on here I have done a google search to then come upon this page.
I have experienced the unexplained three knocks since I was a young child.
The three knocks are always on glass (windows, glass doors) except one time.
The timing these occurences happen is in the early mornings but I never thought to note the times or dates or what has happened before or after the occurences.
The one time I did hear the three knocks when it wasnt on glass was in a dream. I was dreaming that I heard three knocks at the door but I couldnt find the door because of the complete darkness. Feeling scared from the dream I woke to find a man bathed in an orange light sitting at the end of my bed. I tried to wake my partner but was unable to move or speak. After relaxing myself I was able to wake my partner and ask him if he could see the man but he couldnt and told me I was dreaming. I knew I wasnt dreaming it. I looked back and the man was gone so I turned to go back to sleep. Looking towards the window I saw an orange glow through the curtains. I asked my partner the time as I thought that the sun was coming up but it was only 2.30am.
I went to see a physic once and told her about the three knocks and she said to me did it ever occur to you that they may be asking for you to "Let us in"...
The last time I heard it was last year. Funnily enough my Father has recently informed me that he has started hearing the three knocks but they are on wood. I have never shared my experiences with him until he told me about his. Even though I have experienced these three knocks for sometime time now I still get a little scared and just force myself to stay awake until morning. There have been a couple of times I have woken my friends up just so they could have a look around to see if people are playing tricks on me but there is no reasonable explanation. Im glad to have come across this site and know Im not the only one.
Thanks for letting me share a slice of my experiences with you.

Anonymous said...

private017 My family came up fro the south to stay with me and my brother said to me that he heard three knocks last night which is 10-11-08 in the same guest room the my father heard it my wife and now my oldest brother which he is never a liar or story teller, his family his family is up staying at my house too, I told them the story and now they will not sleep in the room I told them that the 3 knocks were heard in there and my 6 year daughter saw a shadow of a man in her door way and she cried,, now every body moved into my lining room I think I should of not said anything any suggestions ?? but I want people to know and the problem is not going away I have posted at least 3 to 4 post on here and its all true now i need help private017@yahoo.com

Aura said...

private017-Email me so that we can talk about this further. You could try and bless the home, burn sage etc-but I think that it is best to start by trying to understand what is going on and trying to learn why.

With out knowing more about your own unique situation-I can not offer any more advice-email me some more details

All the best-Aura

Aura said...

Hey everyone-check out this story


Anonymous said...

This morning October 16th, I woke up around 3:am to 3 knocks on my glass window above my bed. Than I clearly heard another 3 knocks on the glass. My bedroom is on the second floor and have screens on the outside. The knocks clearly came from inside. I knew someone was with me. My fear was someone I love is going to pass, or maybe me. But after reading other peoples experiences, it sounds like it may be coming from someone I know that has already passed. Which makes me feel better. Today, October 16th is my Son's birthday, so maybe it was my mother who has passed wishing him a happy birthday.

Anonymous said...

Hello all,
I am from the Uk and have just found the site whilst searching for "3 knocks".
About half an hour ago at 5.45am I just heard 3 distinctive knocks on wood which woke me. I have soome wooden furniture in my room, but the sound was as if it wasn`t coming from any of the pieces in the room, more sort of mid-air.
I am totally unsure of the meaning of this.
My grandmother died 21 years ago (in 7 days time), I had a premonition of her death the night before it happened despite her being very fit and healthy.
Dont know of this is linked at all

Anonymous said...

Hello Aura! This is Private014 " Mark" I couldn't get the sign in working so I Anonymous replied, This is regarding from my posts of Three Knocks I emailed Aura and she was kind enough to read my postings and replied back to me.. I thank you for that! She is a very nice person.
Well I posting again because Aura said to find out why I have Three knocks in my home. 2 weeks ago I was walking towards my office door and I saw a Black mass in a shape of a human " all Black" I saw the head and half the body standing between the back bedroom I swear that someone was in the house, I wasn't scared I was ready to fight which turned out to be nothing but I did see something....

Well I did some searching and pulled up deed info on the home it told me that the home owners died in 2002 and 2005, so I searched the local newspapers under Obituaries and located the husband and wife death notices, and to my surprise the husband had died in my home in 2002. tell me what you guys think?

Anonymous said...

March 9th 2009 my mother died ina single car accident.. 3 knocks on a wood .. I awake go to the door ..no one there hmmm .. time check 12 midnight minute just passed...I think quick find this site.. Do some numbers She died 11:00 am monday today thursday mid-night.. between 11am mon to 12 midnight is 61 hours minus 3 knocks equals the year my mom was born 1958.

Wes Day said...

Forum---> http://3knocks.forumer.com

Nichola said...

Hi there, I was googling Irish myths and folklore when i came across this site and wondered if anyone has an answer for me please. I am from Belfast, Northern Ireland and lastnite at 1am I was in the kitchen puttin food in my cats bowls when i heard 2 sets of knockin at my back door. I near jumped out of my skin and ran into living room to tell my husband who obviously didnt hear anything. Spooked by this because i had a feelin someone was watchin me from outside, I told my husband not to open the back door. An old Irish wives tale tells u never to open a door late at nite if u are not expecting anyone. Anyways, after a while i heard my cats collar bells outside so my husband insisted on openin the door to let them in. The door opened, the 2 cats came in, and obviously there was no one outside. I am not sure exactly wat happened lastnite but am convinced it was not the cats knocking the door. What does anyone think? Please xxx

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I've ever made a blog entry or anything like that. I had an unexplainable experience that happened to me on 10/26/2006 at 10:46 am. I've never really talked much about it and I think for the most part, I just try to ignore it. However, I can't seem to get the experience out of my head even though it has been a few years ago and nothing has happened since.

I had bought an old farmhouse (over 100 years old) in Hedgesville, West Virginia, approximately two years prior to my experience. I am only writing about this now because I have recently been hearing other people talking about the significance of three knocks, which is how my experience started and ended.

On 10/26/2006, I had to be at work at noon, but I wanted to get a nap prior to leaving. I got into bed at approximately 9:45am to 10:00am and tried to take a quick nap. I woke up at exactly 10:46am by the alarm clock on my bedstand. I woke up because of three knocks. These knocks were steady, sounded like knuckles on wood, each knock was spaced about 1 second between each, and although I'm not sure, I think it sounded like it was coming from my front entry door on the first floor.

I ignored it because I just wanted to finish my nap. I figured that if it was anything important the person would call me. The next thing that I heard was footsteps coming up the steps to the second floor. At this point I was a little unnerved, but I figured that it was my ex-girlfiend that I had been with for 9 years coming to pick-up some of ther belongings. I figured it was her, because we had just split-up recently (July 2006) and she was the only other person (besides myself) that had a key to the house.

Determined not to talk to her, I continued to pretend like I was asleep. The next thing I heard was my bedroom door opening. Then I felt someone sit on my bed to the left of me. I was laying on my side, facing the right. Then I felt something like a hand brush my face. This kind of through me off-guard because we weren't on good terms at this point. I opened my eyes, still facing to my right, and all I saw was the top the head of somebody laying beside me to my right. I didn't see a face. All I saw was the top of a head that had long brown hair with a part down the middle. This image was gone, just as soon as I saw it. As I was staring to my right, trying to comprehend what I had just saw, I heard the bedroom door move on the left-side of the room. I looked to my left and saw the old wooden door moving slightly. I looked past the door out towards the hallway and I could see a shadow back towards the attic entranceway.

This shadow had the shape of a person, it was peaking aroung the corner at me by the attic door and looked like it was curious, but also kind of scared of me. There was nothing disctinctive about this shadow other than it's shape. It was it's habbits or movements that made it seem curious of me. I stared at this shadow as it peaked at me for about a good five seconds.

It was at this time I heard the three knocks again, exactly the same as I heard them before. Upon the completion of the third knock, the shadow was gone.

I wasn't scared and nothing felt negative about the experience. Actually, whatever it was kind of came across as nurturing. I wasn't sure about what to do at this point so I got up and got ready for work.

I've never been one to think of myself as a believer or a sensitive to paranormal activity, but I have never been able to explain this situation.

There we several other things that had happened that seemed pretty peculiar, but nothing compared to this singular incident. Some key features to this incident is that it happended during the morning while the sun was up. I don't know anyone that had passed away or got ill during the time-frame of this incident. I hadn't even been sleeping for a a full hour yet and knew that I wasn't dreaming. But most importantly, it started with three knocks and ended with three knocks.

mida ma nüüd tegin? said...

Same story here - 3 knocks at midnight on 30.12.09 and It was NOT a pleasant experience.
I was in bed, it was about 2 AM, couldn't fall asleep.
Then i finally did. I had this rather short dream about random guy talking. Don't remember a thing about what he said. But the last words are worth to remember. "... And know we are going to scare him". The last sentence was wierd not only 'cause of the content, but the way he was talking. It was like he was suddenly talking to someone else about me. And then i woke up. Couple of minutes went by and then the three loud kocks came. My first reaction was get unber the blancet. I froze, as simply as that i froze. Couldnt move. As much as i would have wanted to go check what happened i couldnt . I didnt dare. I just stayed there til i fell asleep . I didnt know if anyone was behind me or not. Didnt really want know.
First thing id did in the morning was to google "3 knocks at midnight". Found you.
By the way my name is Kaarel, I'm from Estonia (Northern Europe) and im 15.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I have often heard 3 knocks.It has been happening since I can remember and it meant a death. It happens whenever a member of the Kennedy family passes, just this past August 25th at 1:25 AM in the morning, it woke me and my dog up. I remember looking at the clock and making a note of it. When my alarm went off the first words I heard was Ted Kennedy had passed away. Seems whenever a Kennedy passes I have the same experience, I don't understand the connection to the Kennedy's as I do not think there is a relation there. I really would like to know what the connection is. 3 knocks do not scare me as it has happened most of my life. I too grew up in an old house in Northern NJ.

Moolafoo said...

I wouldn't say this was exclusive to the American Royal family of the Kennedys. There is a definite pattern here from other posts that when someone passes this is almost a way of making contact with somebody, I only wish it wasn't so ambigious.

Anonymous said...

This is pretty creepy stuff. Eactlt at 3am this morning, I heard 3 sets of knocking on my backdoor. I googled it immediately. Trinidad, west indies.

Misha_Irene said...

I started having this happen to me a few months ago. For me, it doesnt happen at night, but in the mornings. I'll be sleeping and dreaming like every other night and then I'll hear LOUD knocks at my door or window. They always cause me to wake up. The first couple times I opened my door thinking it was someone in my family and looked out the window to see who it was. there's never anyone there. Paranormal things have happened to me for years so I dont feel scared by any means. I feel more annoyed because it wakes me up in the mornings! My daughter's crib is also in my room and she often hears the knocks too. Sometimes its 3 knocks but usually 2. Every time it wakes me there is no one else there besides my 11 month old and me. It happened again this morning so I thought I'd research it. Everyone else talks about it happening BEFORE they fall asleep... I have no answer. Thought I would share my situation. My room is the only place I hear it and its USUALLY between 9:30 and 10 am. Sometimes earlier. These times have no significance to me. No one dies after I hear them. Nothing strange or unique happens the days I hear them. I dont feel scared or threatened when i hear it. so I dont know...

misscultofrapture said...

Hello, I have a story I would like to share. It's an experience that happened to me a few months ago and Im not sure what to make of it. Any suggestions would be helpful. I was with a friend in his car and we were parked out by a small river that runs through our town. It was nighttime and We were talking and carrying on a conversation when we both heard three loud knocks on his car door. We looked but saw noone, and seconds after we heard three even louder knocks. We took off very quickly and were very sure that we were all alone. What could this mean? Thanks for reading

Anonymous said...

I googled this site 20 minutes ago because of my experience as well. 3 knocks on what sounded like a wooden door woke me up on 12/30/10 around 2-4 am west coast time (USA). I don't think it had anything to do with my house or my location...does anyone have time to research this weird phenomenom we seen to converge here for...? I personally have zero connection...nobody died that I know, and I'm not religous or superstitious...I was simply woken up by 3 knocks on a wooden surface and I'd like to know why.

Anonymous said...

On 2-22-11 around 4:30am, I was awakened by three distinctive knocks. The knocks were soft as if a woman was knocking on my front door. I didn't look outside, but I got to say that it does creep me out when this happens. This is just one of many times that this has happened in my lifetime since I was a child--now, I am pushing 60 years of age. But it is comforting to know that I am not the only one that this happens too. A friend once told me: what if your spirit leaves your body when you're asleep, much like when you step out of an automobile after arriving at your distination? And the three knocks is your own spirit re-entering your body and that is when you wake up to find yourself in bed. Who knows, really.

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend died almost 11 years ago, At the EXACT time of his death there were 3 really loud knocks on the door (or window, can't remember which), It scared the hell out of me because I was alone and it was late. It wasn't until the following morning that I found out he had died. I truly believe it was his spirit telling me he had passed away.

jake g said...

Happened to me last night reason im on here. Everyone is trying to debunk. Explain this. Staying at a campground in a camper/mobile home. Im 27. Very spiritual. Im sleeping its an ordinary night.. I am awakened from my slumber to what I thought is my mother knocking around 4 am at my window or door. 3 knocks. I would have heard some one come on the porch had it been a person. Im laying there just terrified cause no one is around for miles. Im desolate on this campground. I wait for the foot steps to exit the porch. There aren't any. I just latest there thinking some one is gotta knock again if they really wanted to wake me. But nothing. It was real knocking no wind bs no explanation.

ArielPlath said...

I have arrived to this forum same as everyone else - through google search. My husband and I have lived in our condo in Florida since and approximately 6 or more times over the past 5 years we have been awakened by 3 knocks on the door. The most recent occurrence was at 3am this morning. We NEVER answer the door and our dogs always hear it too and bark. The past couple times it happened the sound is more like someone knocking on a window or someone knocking with a large ring on their finger. It happened again @ 3am this morning and this time it sounded like the sliding glass doors in our master bedroom, but they open up onto a screened in lanai and the screen door is always locked & if someone opened it we would definitely hear that - especially the dogs. I am just really freaked out about this - I have asked the neighbors and no one else has this problem. The house we had in Chicago was haunted and now I am really freaked out! Anyways, glad I came across this forum and I am not the only one!

Emma M. said...

This is obviously a little bit of a late response, but...

I have a strong belief in the three knocks. Many years back my aunt was asleep in her room. She heard three distinct knocks on her window and felt a presence in her house. About a week later my cousin died.

My family has a long history with spirits from footsteps the night someone died to actually seeing spirits but all of these occurrences have had to do with death.

Now, on Saturday night a girl in my class who was battling cancer passed. She was not at school often due to her condition so I didn't know her well, but it came as a shock to everyone. We found out yesterday at school from teachers. There was a lot of crying at school that day. Being religious, I wasn't as upset as knew she's in a better place with no pain now. This is where the weird stuff starts.

Between 5:00-7:00 yesterday after school(I can't remember the exact time) I started to hear weird noises in my backyard. There was no one else home so I became alarmed and grabbed a knife. I sat on my bed for a few minutes listening carefully. The noises did not sound human, they sounded muffled and hard to explain. Then I heard three quick knocks around my window. I know it was not directly on my window. I think it may have been on the door into the backyard because that door is right on the other side of my wall.

Then about 10 minutes later the music box in my room began to play on its own. Im not sure how long this went on for, to make a rough estimate I'd say about 30 seconds to a minute.

Is this a sign of the girl bidding me farewell, or is it completely unrelated and do you think someone else is going to die?

(P.S: I thought the knocking may have been a tree but there are no plants around my window area. I thought it may have been a loose wire being blown against the window but it wasn't windy yesterday. I tried to tell my mom but she wasn't concerned as she is a skeptic.)


Anonymous said...

Ok so I've had too many experiences from apparitions shadow people voices someone sitting next to me in bed etc. Growing up , but tonight as my sister and I were about to go outside. Right as we got to the front door we heard FOUR faint knocks on the door. My moms room is next to the door and she heard it too. It has faint but like hard at the same time. I had a strong feeling that it wanted us to open the door. I know no one was there because you can hear when anyone is on the porch ,you ALWAYS hear when someone is coming up the porch stairs and we were right there and heard nothing. I told my sister to lock the door because of bad vibes. We were going outside to try to catch evps i might mention kind of made it that much more unnerving...ive read a bunch of stories saying 3knocks but none of 4 and these 4knocks made my stomach turn and hair stand up. Never had an experience like this .

Anonymous said...

I just wike up from the 3 knocks. Google brought me here. I'd here of it before, meaning that someone is going to die soon, but I'd never yet experienced it personally. I was dreaming and the last thing I thought it my dream was something like "Ok, I'm ready for whatever comes." Then I heard the 3 knocks, so loud and clear it woke me. I instinctively knew the knocks correlated to the dream and didnt respond initially. But it was so real I thought that someone must be there. I asked who it was with no response. Got up to check. Nobody is there. House is empty. Kind of creeped out.

Anonymous said...

I also had this experience. I was laying in bed one morning and my cat was sleeping at the end of my bed. I was awake,sleepy,but awake getting prepared to get ready for work and out of the blue 3 knocks at my bedroom door. Alarmed, I looked down at my cat to make sure it wasn't just me and she was staring very alert at the door.I got out of bed and opened the door,but no one there. I was a little dazed and confused but didn't think too much about it.We have s spirit that comes and goes between apartments,so I naturally thought it was just the spirit playing around. And then a week later my Aunt died. I look as the 3 knocks as a for warning of someone close to you dying. But who really knows. All I know,if it happens again I will pay close attention to all those that are close to me.