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Monday, June 11, 2007

The Betty and Barney Hill Abduction

On the evening of September 19,1961, while driving home from a trip to Montreal, Betty and Barney Hill encountered what they believed to be a UFO.

In this video you will hear Betty Hills account of what took place that night.

In recent years the Hills story gained some more substantiation when it was learned that, according to Report No. 100 - 1 - 61 of the SAC 100th Bomb Wing, Pease radar had registered an "unknown" at exactly the same time the Hills had their run in with the UFO.


Anonymous said...

This looks like footage from the 70s...have these people officially written a book since then or adapted their story somehow?

Aura said...

From what I have found, Betty wrote a book entitled "A Common Sense Approach To UFOs" in 1995. Her last interview was in 2002, 2 years before her death. Her husband died of a cerebral hemorrhage in 69'.

A tv movie (The UFO Incident) was made in the 70's based on the book: The Interrupted Journey, which was written by John G. Fuller.