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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Haunted Mansion

In an old part of Cincinnati, Ohio, there sits a Victorian mansion built around 1850 with a history of paranormal activity.

The Stenton House, as it is called, was a private residence at first later turning into a school for girls in 1900, and finally became subdivided into apartments post WWII. It was when the home was a private residence to the Henry Family, that their son committed suicide inside the home by shooting himself. Also, it is known that a girl from the school hanged herself in one of the upstairs rooms. This has led many to believe is the cause for all the ghostly activity that has been going on over the years.

When the Stenton Family occupied the largest of the apartments, they were woken up every night at the same time, 2:10a.m., to the sound of something very heavy hitting the marble floor. Each time, the family was never able to find the cause of this disturbance. The family also heard disembodied voices regularly along with footsteps which, at times, seemed to follow them around. One winter morning, Mrs. Stenton saw a fresh set of footprints in the snow leading away from her property.

Other tenants have reported the same phenomena over the years and the place is believed to still be haunted today.

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