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Monday, July 16, 2007

The Dropa Stones

In 1938, an expedition led by Chinese archeology professor Chi Pu Tei said to have discovered a number of strange skeletons and stone discs in the remote mountains near the China - Tibet border. Many believe what Chi Pu Tei discovered was an alien species that crash landed there 12,000 years ago. In recent years this discovery has been called "The Chinese Roswell", for it too has a crashed spaceship, alien bodies and a government cover up.

Here is the first of 5 videos relating to this event with links to the remaining 4 below.

The Dropa Stones-Part 2

The Dropa Stones-Part 3

The Dropa Stones-Part 4

The Dropa Stones-Part 5


Bob Johnson said...

How do you find this stuff?, its frigging awesome.

Aura said...

I spend my nights online, reading books and watching shows (content related)for my site. If I am lucky, I will find videos on the topic I am writing about on youtube and other sites with video sharing.

Thanks for the positive feedback bob!