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Friday, July 27, 2007

"The I-4 Deadzone" A Paranormal Hotspot

The "I-4 Deadzone" is a small stretch of Interstate 4 between Daytona Beach and Orlando, Florida. Strange paranormal activity has been seen by many drivers along this Interstate over the years.

Remember this famous photo? I wrote a post about it some time ago. At the time I could not find out where the photograph was taken. I recently learned that it is said to be taken on this portion of I-4!

I came across an interesting article on this section of Interstate from a local news station in the area. Check it out, there is also a video clip surrounding the phenomenon there.

Stretch Of I-4 Believed To Be Haunted Built Over Graves


Tammy Duplessie said...

Wow, freaky picture! I love your blog. Great effects!

Aura said...

Thank you so much. This is one of my all time fav pics!