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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Black Forest Haunting

Located northeast of Colorado Springs lies a heavily wooded area known as Black Forest. Within the thickest part of the forest sits a home on a 5 acre lot that has convinced local law enforcement, ghost hunters and a Hopi shaman that something supernatural resides there.

Back in the early 90's Steve and Beth Lee, along with their two sons, were renting a beautiful log home off of Swan Road. One year later, the family decided to purchase the home. According to the Lee's, this was when all hell broke loose. “One day we came home,” said Beth, “and it was like the Fourth of July in our living room and in our bedroom. We had all kinds of lights flashing through, and it sounded like people stomping across the roof. We would lay in bed at night and hear chains rattling. One night we woke up and heard orchestra music. Strange things started happening every day.” Numerous black shadows and orbs of light were witnessed throughout the home. The family regularly suffered burning eyes and throats from a mysterious chemical odor in the home.

The family installed a state-of-the-art security system to try and catch the presence in their home. The motion detectors would trip setting off the alarms, but each time there was no one physically there. Police were called to the property on a number of occasions, but each time they could find no evidence of a break in. Mr. Lee began filming the incredible activity on video recorders and film cameras. No matter what type of recording device was used the result was the same. Floating orbs of light, images of faces and outlines of animal and human figures were all captured.

A Hopi shaman was called to the property and said that the area is a "Rainbow Vortex"- an area that opens our world to the next. The popular show "Sightings" was also called in three times. They brought along the late psychic Peter James and Minneapolis ghostbuster Echo Bodine. The crew all had their own experiences while on site. Equipment moved and a number of strange images were captured by their cameras. Everyone concluded that there were very powerful forces on the property that deserved further investigating.

For more details about the investigations and the conclusion to this story, be sure to check out The Black Forest Haunting by Dennis William Hauck.

Check out the Video evidence taken by Steve Lee


Shaggy said...

Very interesting story and great blog too BTW. I am curious since you grew up in Indiana (I live in Danville, IL). Do you know anything about Mudlavia Springs Hotel in Kramer IN? It's about 45 mins from me and I was thinking of going. Also, have you ever heard of any strange goings on at McCormick's Creek State Park in Spencer IN? I got a strange photo there a few weeks ago, but I don't see anything documented about the place anywhere. Again, great blog! I shall return.

Aura said...

Hi shaggy, I did find this interesting account from the state park you mentioned. You can read that here:

I have heard that Mudlavia Springs Hotel is supposedly haunted. The pond nearby was a "dumping ground" used by the mob at one time. Plus a fire did destroy a large part of the building killing several. It is in ruins now so be careful when you do go. Let me know your results!

Anonymous said...

I just moved into our home last Dec. I only found this as I was looking for anything about Black Forest hauntings. My home is haunted! I've been hit, things open and close on their own, black shadows, some kind of troll like creature that lurks in my daughter's room. I called paranormal groups but keep getting dead ends.