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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Ghostly Encounters

Doors slamming, the sound of windows shutting, dark shadows passing by, disembodied voices and cold spots were some of the events one couple north of Toronto were experiencing on a regular basis in their rental home.

In the beginning, the couple stated that there was no activity and they enjoyed the quite that came from living outside of the city. They were happy to have finally found a place that 'felt like home'. Their peaceful rental home, which dated back to the 1800's, suddenly became alive with an abundance of paranormal activity. Afraid of being labeled crazy, they kept what they were experiencing from their landlord and only told their closest friends. With each occurrence, the paranormal activity became more threatening in nature and the couple could endure no more.

The couple lasted six months in their rental home before calling it quits and moving out. When the landlord asked why they were leaving she also questioned if it was because of all the strange things happening there. The landlord mentioned that "she too had a number of ghostly encounters while in the home and herself could not spend one night there." She feared losing prospective tenants and chose not to disclose what she knew.

After the couple left the landlord put the home up for sale.


Angela said...

As a young child, my husband swears he saw a strange and scary little white-bearded man peering at him through an attached mirror. He told his mom, who thought it was a childish story of course, but since then my husband refuses to allow mirrors in his home.

Years later when they sold the home, the new owners called my mother-in-law about 6 months later to ask about the little man they saw in the mirror.

Weird, right?

Aura said...

That is weird! Two people can not imagine up the same thing can they? Spooky, makes you wonder who that man was and why he was in that particular spot.

Good to see you here angela, thanks for your comment. Have a good one.

Freddie Sirmans said...

Just browsing the internet, you have a very, very interesting blog.

Aura said...