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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Ghostly Figure Captured on Film

In this video, a ghostly image was captured on film in a park in Cucuta, South America. A local news station aired what was captured on film. I was unable to find the English version, but the footage seen here speaks for itself. There are two other short clips at the end of this video showing a man in an office disappear on camera (which doesn't look paranormal to me) and lastly a black mist in a cemetery in the shape of a figure.

I did happen to find a bit more of the story over at My Paranormal Life. Click here for Rand's post and the comments that follow on this very interesting piece of footage.


Rand said...

Hey Aura, thanks for the mention. I was actually pretty surprised at the comments for this one, especially the link to that photo, look pretty similar.

Cool video though, very spooky.

Aura said...

I agree, it was nicely done though. Had me going :O

Have a good one friend!

Bob Johnson said...

Crap, I thought the girl video was cool, then I read Rand's comments, but the office is neat.

Aura said...

Now and days people are so good at making this sort of thing look real. The problem is that the few that are genuine do not get the attention that they deserve, many dismiss them as fakes.