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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Parallel Universes

In recent years, scientists have began taking a more serious approach to the possibility of parallel universes. In the past, Einstein and other scientists had this same speculation.

Scientists also believe that within these parallel universes "there may be doorways or "portals" in certain areas that allow entities to travel into our dimension. These entities may be spirits, demons, extraterrestrials, or something we have never even imagined. Well-known hauntings, that persist over long time spans, are likely candidates as portals - as opposed to sites that have been the location of an isolated or otherwise unconnected violent death or tragic accident to which the haunting can be fairly easily traced. Many old Indian burial grounds seem to act as portals, for reasons unknown, other than the Indians consciously located their burial grounds in places that they felt were close to the after-death realm. How they determined which sites fit this criteria is lost knowledge, but a disproportionate number of these "sacred burial grounds" are known hotspots for paranormal activity. Other non-Indian cemeteries are also suspected portal sites, probably for the same reasons - either consciously or unconsciously, the site chosen for the burials was already the site of a portal.

It appears that portals are at fixed places all over the world, and that they don't move or drift from place to place. Whether new portals open up from time to time is unclear, but this definitely warrants further study. Controlled studies done around suspected portals have revealed that there are definite temperature fluctuations in the vicinity of the site. Photographs taken at suspected sites often produce amazing results, and reveal mists, orbs, light streaks, figures, and even saucer-shaped objects - all of which are unseen by the bystanders at the scene, though many do report feeling cold chills. People who are more sensitive report that they get a feeling of "magnetism" at suspected portal sites, and often report that they sense large numbers of entities passing back and forth - which is unusual in an ordinary haunting." (Mystical Blaze)

Still not sure what to make of this? Check out this short article that I came across from the BBC.


Bob Johnson said...

The Multi-Verses is becomming more popular all the time, its fits in perfectly with string theory, and yes it is becomming more acceptable that there has been many big bangs. because gravitons are what they call a closed string, they aren't stuck on our brane(universe) and could break away to another brane.

Aura said...

I believe we have a lot to learn from the string theory. Thanks for your comment. Hopefully in our lifetime we will see the speculations become fact!

Andrea said...

Maybe ley lines play a part in it too.