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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Famous Ghost Ship

The Flying Dutchman is the most famous phantom ship that has been seen sailing the waters near the coast of South Africa. Seaman say that seeing this ship will bring death to the observer.

One version of the story states that a vessel captained by Hendrick Vanderdecken in 1680 encountered a severe storm as it was rounding the Cape of Good Hope. "Vanderdecken ignored the dangers of the storm - thought by the crew to be a warning from God - and pressed on. Battered by the tempest, the ship foundered, sending all aboard to their deaths. As punishment, they say, Vanderdecken and his ship were doomed to ply the waters near the Cape for eternity." (Stephen Wagner)

Recorded Sightings
1881- phantom ship was seen by England future King George V and his brother Prince Albert Victor while serving in the Royal Navy aboard the HMS Bacchante. One other witness to this sighting died shortly after by falling from his lookout to his death.

1835- British crew spotted the Flying Dutchman nearing its ship, fearing a collision. The ghost ship simply vanished right before their eyes.

1939- dozens of bathers give accurate details of the 17th century vessel as it was seen off the coast of South Africa.

1942- four witnesses saw the ship sail into Table Bay and disappear.

Source: About.com


Bob Johnson said...

One of my fav ghost stories.

Aura said...

It is a good one. The fact that reputable witnesses saw this ship makes it even more convincing.