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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Ghost Hunters

Missed last nights season opener of Ghost Hunters? I did. Andrea has written a post about the episode and her thoughts about it over at her site Ghost Stories. My thanks to Andrea for the post.
I am excited about the new mini season and can't wait to watch the live episode on Halloween which will air from The Waverly Hills Sanatorium.


Andrea said...

To be honest, I hadn't planned on writing about the episode, but a pr company for Ghost Hunters sent me some stuff to post before it aired. Too bad I didn't read it sooner. I could have added a sneak preview.

Aura said...

I was browsing around on the net and could not find anything about Wednesdays show. I wanted to see what others were saying about it and where Ghost Hunters were on location. It was then that I thought of your site. You have posted follow ups at your site in the past. I am hoping to catch the episode on youtube.

have a good one Andrea, thanks for stopping by.

Dustin said...

Hmmm, missed it too! I'll have to wait for a rerun. Hopefully it'll be a great season.