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Friday, September 07, 2007

Messenger of Death

In Celtic lore, Banshees are female spirits which appear to people as an omen of impending death and, are often heard wailing loudly at their funeral. Most often a Banshee will appear as a young women with pale skin and long hair.

Banshee comes from the Irish words "bean," woman, (ban) and "sidhe," fairy, (shee.) It is said that Banshees come to only those with a strong Celtic lineage. If your last name begins with Mac, Mc or O and your family originates from Ireland this could apply to you.

Ireland's Banshee-History and Facts


Bob Johnson said...

Wow I didnt know that, I thought it was a vehicle you drove in Halo.

Aura said...

LOL, I was thinking of the music group.

Joking aside, it is spooky.

6th said...

The Banshee gets a bad rap alot of the time because of her association with death.

I once had an encounter with a similar old spirits and it had me asking alot of questions.

Nice to see us Irish getting a mention ;)

Aura said...

Care to share your story on here 6th? A lot of people believe that seeing her causes the death of a loved one, which from what I read is not the case at all.

I Love the Irish! Had a stop over in Shannon once. Loved the people and the country. Made it hard to come back to the flat corn fields of Indiana :P