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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Niagara's Screaming Tunnel

In Ontario there are a number of places where the dead are said to walk. One of these locations is the Screaming Tunnel located in Niagara Falls. This tunnel was supposed to be a railway tunnel at one time but, the Grand Trunk Railroad went bankrupt after WWI and abandon the project. As a result, no tracks were ever laid and all that stands is a creepy looking, foul smelling tunnel.

According to local legend, a young girl was burned to death inside the tunnel and it is her tortured wails that give this place its name. Visitors to the tunnel often report the strong smell of sulfur that is often accompanied by the smell of smoke. It is said that if you stand directly in the middle of the tunnel at precisely midnight and light a match, the flame with quickly go out. What follows will be a horrifying scream that leaves many trembling with fear.


Andrea said...

I did a post on this last month. Hearing some supposedly dead person scream is just creepy.

Aura said...

This place is not too far from me. Soon I hope to check it out for myself.

Bob Johnson said...

We never get anything scary in Saskatoon, I would even be happy with a wimpering tunnel, we did get a crop circle 100 miles away, at least thats something.

Aura said...

There are a number of places near me that I want to check out for myself. I could really use more hours in the day, couldn't we all?