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Sunday, September 23, 2007

UFO Filmed During Lunar Eclipse

Here is an interesting piece of footage that was filmed during the recent lunar eclipse. My thanks to Rand over at My Paranormal Life for the heads up and his post on this.


Rand said...

Cheers for that Aura, one of my favorite thoughts at the moment is of huge UFOs, reminds me of close encounters of the third kind, need to watch that again been years.

Just decided while commenting on Bob's blog that it's time this summer to do some relaxing star gazing, hopefully I see some cool stuff.

aura said...

Hello Rand,

That is one of my favorite films. What do you make of this footage?

Rand said...

I don't know, people seem to be thinking it's video evidence of the whole drone thing.

Kind of hard to say, very dark and pretty short, surely more people would have been filming in the same area at the time of the eclipse.

Have a good one, I can't stop blinking soo tired.

Aura said...

That is a theory that I am not too familiar with.

Sleep tight :P