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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ukraine Airshow UFO Crash

In 2002 an air show went terribly wrong at the Sknilov Aerodrome in the Ukraine. Two UFO's were seen and captured on film just moments before the jet crashed. Here is that footage.

"The hypothesis that the UFO could have accidentally influenced the aircraft's stability is not totally excluded? The plane appeared to stall, and the UFO may have tried to save it, or the UFO's momentum may have helped cause the stall as the object crossed planes course. High ranking officials have denied the existence of the UFO despite it being clearly visible on the video." (George A. Filer, Director Mutual UFO Network Eastern)


Rand said...

Pretty sad about the disaster, don't think I'll be going to any air shows anytime soon, accidents seem to happen to frequently at those.

At first I thought the UFOs looked like birds, in trying to grasp the scale, they look to big to be birds. Nice find, hadn't seen that one before.

Man I need to work on my Segues.

Aura said...

It is hard to find good vids online. Most are just plain ridiculous. There is a good deal of chatter about this one online. A lot agree, The objects are too big to be birds.

Bob Johnson said...

Great video, any updates on any eyewitnesses that saw the ufo's?