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Monday, October 15, 2007

Afghanistan Army Base Ghost

The ghost of a little girl was seen in and around the guard towers of a military base in Afghanistan. Stories about the ghost are well known with the U.S. soldiers who patrolled this base. The towers overlooked a nearby graveyard. When paratroopers Spc. Drew Painter and Spc. Jeremiah Jackson were on duty one night they heard chilling laughter come across their radio. A few hours later the men sensed that they were not alone in the tower and could hear movement around them. The second tower radioed over saying that they were seeing a 3-foot-tall form moving around the bottom of the base. After a reluctant investigation nothing was found.

The first sighting of this ghost involves two Marines who were up in the tower one night. Through their night-vision goggles they saw a little girl walking with a goat on the road. When they removed the goggles she was gone. When they put them back on the girl appeared right in front of them on the balcony of their tower. The two Marines fled the tower that night and refused to return.

Source: Eerie incidents spook guards


JaneDoughnut said...

Do you suppose a ghots poses a security threat?

Aura said...


No I don't, you?