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Monday, October 22, 2007

Bigfoot in Oklahoma

There have been numerous sightings of a Bigfoot-like creature roaming a remote part of Southeastern Oklahoma. This is the documentary "Bigfootville" which aired in October 2002.

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
After watching the show, I feel that these individuals were being sincere and have seen something out there. Something that truly scared them and made them question their beliefs. I also think that there are individuals who are out there trying to create an elaborate hoax and trick Bigfoot investigators. My advice to them- stop. Someone is going to get shot!


oksteve1968@yahoo.com said...

I recently watched the program Bigfootvile and I just want to let others know That I too have seen a bigfoot. I live in Lawton,Ok and back in Oct/ Nov of 1996 I was out hiking in the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge in Indiahoma, Oklahoma looking for the Iron Doors Of the Wichita Mountain. It was on the day after we set our clocks back for daylight saving time and at the time I had forgot to set my watch back but I didnt realize that till later on. So I was out hiking thinking I had plenty of time to hike and get myself off Elk Mountain in the Wichita Mountains before it actually got dark. But once I realized that I was running out of daylight I started to panic because I had about 50 minutes of hiking to do to reach the bottom of the mountain and only about 20 minutes or so of daylight left and started walking faster almost to the point of jogging and I tripped , lost my balance and fell. At that point I realized that I had some how gotten of the trail and I didnt know exactly where I was at so I grab my binoculars and started looking for a familar land sights and while I was looking throught my binoculars 8 x 10 power, (not a very powerful set of binoculars in my opinion). I saw what appeared to be a BIGFOOT standing behind this bush with berries of some type eating berries. At that point I did a double take looked at it again to confirm my suspicion and I kinda jumped, it scared me and I guess I scare it also because it jumped then I started running away from it. Then it actually started to follow me and in deed it did. Now how long it actually followed me I can not actually say because I when I seen it coming towards me I just ran my heart out and didnt look back. I finally got through the woods to my truck got in it and left. I only told a selected few people at the time about this because of the fear of riddicule. I am 40 years old I have been hiking and fishing in those mountains my whole adult life and know my way through these mountains very well, just by land sights but it wasnt till that fall day in 1996 that maybe I dont know these mountains as well as I thought I did. The description of this Bigfoot would be that of what appeared to be 6 ft tall maybe a little bit taller, brownish black hair short and long, kinda patchy ( it was not real thick and there were spots where no hair was present and it stunk really bad like a human being get when they dont bathe for a while. Two day afterwards I and a friend went back out there to investigate. We did not actually make it to the spot were I originally encountered it because along the way we decide to take an alternative route which led to the same area and we were about 25 minutes into the trip and we started noticing what appeared to be human waste lying along the way and we took a closer look and realized thats exactly what it was but it look like it had been eaten berries of some type, because you could see part of what it ate partly undigested and about the time we had seen this we both got kinda got un-nerved and turned around and hike back to the truck and that same smell I smelt two days before was close by and we did not waste any time trying to find it. My email address is oksteve1968@yahoo.com.

Anonymous said...

Do you believe you actually saw something

Anonymous said...

My cousin and I had a bigfoot sighting in 1984 south of "Bauldy Mountain". We followed the creek that runs through there, hiking through the valleys and over ridges, ub=ntil , for the first and only time we madeit to the rim of the fifth valley. We were sitting on top of the ridge looking down into the valley, when from our right, down below us came striding a very large, muscular brown hairy man. He looked more man than ape. hair had a reddish tint to it. he was walking with a purpose. Intentionally placing his feet on rock where ever possible, so as not to be leaving tracks. I gasped when he came into view, and my cousin immedeately clamped his hand over my mouth to shut my thirteen year old self up, so he wouldn't notice us up above him. When he was out of sight, we ran, and ran, until we got back to our Boys Scout campsite at the Doris Campgrounds. Told a few scouts and the scoutmaster about encounter, but was ridiculed mercilessly. So bad in fact, that I completely blocked out the memory of it for many, many years. Until my cousin asked me about it one day, and it all came rushing back.

ManyWorldsTravelor said...

That same area has had numerous UFO sightings other the years as well as anomalous animal encounters. This particular part of the Wichita Mountains is also frequented by mountain lions and large wild boar. Great caution (stay in groups) should be used when hiking or camping here.