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Friday, October 26, 2007

Ghosts and Haunted Houses Caught On Video

Here is a clip from the recent Maury Povich show: Ghosts and Haunted Houses Caught On Video.


Rand said...

That brick flying through the air would have been freaky as, to me that is the scariest aspect of this kind of paranormal activity, a brick would really really hurt.

Oh and Happy Halloween Aura, just a few more days right? I think most of us down here don't know it's Halloween until we see the usual piece about it on the nightly news.

Aura said...

Thanks Rand. My son who will be 3 in December is going as Spider Man. We feel it appropriate since he is literally climbing the walls around here!

This is one of my favorite clips that I have come across. That evidence is hard to dispute.

Be good :P

Bob Johnson said...

Great clip, I like the freaky ghost one at the end, wish they put better quality videos online, I'm still thinking bout that ghost that was walking after that tragic traffic accident you posted awhile back.

Aura said...

Hi bob,
Evidence like this is great! There are more fakes out there than anything. When I see something like this I have to post it. Too good to pass up.