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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hayswood Hospital Ghost Video

Is this video evidence of a ghost at the Hayswood Hospital in Maysville, Kentucky?

This video has gained so much recognition that it will be aired this Friday on the Maury Povich Show along with other video/photo evidence of the paranormal. According to area residents, lights have been seen in a number of the windows and strange sounds can be heard coming from inside this building. There is no question what can be seen at the end of this video, but is the footage genuine?


onipar said...

I'm not a skeptic or anything, but that looked pretty fake to me. The face seemed almost detached from the video.

Still, always cool to watch creepy vids like that.

Aura said...

It was a creepy face!

Bob Johnson said...

Who knows if it's real or not, who cares it was fun and scary to watch, played it a couple of times, i jumped the first time like a little girl,lol.

Aura said...

It got my husband like that too!