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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Quartz Linked With Strange Phenomena

Some researchers believe that quartz plays an important role in paranormal activity. "Many different peoples throughout the world - for example, the Australian Aborigines, Native Americans and Celts - have for a long time regarded quartz as magical, as a means of communication with other persons at a distance, and with other levels of existence." (David Tilt) Research has shown that many areas known as "paranormal hot spots" have quartz containing rocks in the soil. Could quartz act as a generator for the electric charge that some ghosts, spirits or hauntings use to manifest at some locations?


Angela said...

A friend of mine uses a tool with a quartz crystal inside to supercharge his method of healing. Pretty amazing; certainly it does create an electrical charge when used in conjunction with the body's natural electricity, so who knows what else it could do.

Aura said...

It will be interesting to see what else I can dig up on this.

I have heard about the crystals being used for healing but never met anyone that actually practices using one.

Dustin said...

There's a few different natural deposits that seem to act as "paranormal enhancers" in a sense. I've always tended to believe that much of the folklore surrounding them are true. Hopefully this is something that will actually be taken seriously by investigators and more data will be compiled.

Aura said...

HI Dustin,

Thanks for stopping by, I have heard that limestone does as well. It is very interesting and in a number of places with activity these common links exisit. Attention should be payed to this.