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Friday, October 12, 2007

Real Haunted Libraries

Looking for a list of haunted libraries? Cold spots, strange sounds, apparitions and other strange phenomena have been reported at a number of libraries throughout the United States. These ghosts are said to be former staff members, patrons and area residents.

Recently I was contacted by the Britannica Blog and sent a list of haunted libraries that are in the U.S. The list is compiled every two weeks. Check it out, maybe the library in your hometown is haunted.

Haunted Libraries: Alabama - D.C.
Haunted Libraries: Florida - Maryland
Haunted Libraries: Massachusetts - Missouri


Bob Johnson said...

Hi Aura, do you have anything haunted for , library, restaurant, church, department store, anything in the Saskatoon area, lol, like I said before, I'm not living in a paranormal hub of any sort what so ever.

Aura said...

Let me look into that for you bob, could be :)

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks Aura, your great!