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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Spirits Captured On Film

You may own what could soon become a key tool in providing proof that the spirit world exists. People all over the world are using digital cameras everyday and some are capturing orbs in the process.

There is a lot of skepticism surrounding orbs and their appearance in digital photography. Dust on the lens, reflection from the flash and water droplets make up for most of the explanations given. But what if controlled experiments were done to find the true source of these balls of light? Klaus Heinemann, a professor and researcher for NASA, did just that.

In "Is This the Proof that Spirits do Exist?" Professor Heinemann shares his findings and beliefs into the origin of orbs.


Andrea said...

Interesting article.

I think that orbs exist, but since they closely resemble other things, there should be more evidence to back them up.

Lesley said...

Hopefully nobody will mind my mentioning this, but I am running a ghost photo contest at my blog - http://ghostphotocontest.blogspot.com

Not as many prizes as the one I did with scifi and ghost hunters, but there is a $40 amazon gift certificate for the winner.

Aura said...

I had my own experience with orbs showing up on my digital camera for 4 months after the death of a friend. When I asked to show a sign that he was here... each time I got an orb. It brought me much needed comfort. I agree with you and hope that more research is done.

Sounds great, I will let my readers know. What will be done with the photos?

Lesley said...

Photos will be posted at the blog. Larger photos will also be available to view on photobucket. I will be accepting entries until the 14th then voting will start and hopefully a winner will be announced on Halloween. However, in the past I have found it is harder to get people to vote than to send in photos, so if there is a tie a winner won't be announced until it is broken. All the details can be found at ghostphotocontest.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

I have seen faces in orbs. A bit scary. I have a photo of one appearing right at the crease if a man's armpit in a group photo - could we be an energy source of sorts for some?
I do not believe they are all friendly.