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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Video of UFO Conference

Here is a CNN video from the UFO conference that recently took place in Washington, DC.

An upcoming film, Beyond the Blue, will document this UFO conference.

I am hoping to get more information on this event as it becomes available to the public. Do you think the U.S. will "publicly" re-open their investigation into the phenomenon?


Anonymous said...

i saw something about 1 year 6 months ago in the sky plain as day and the thing is when i stopped my car to look i wasnt the only person driving by that saw it to, and a small plane was the same height as this craft and i know they saw it too. i would go into more detail but it would have to be a one on one conversation, phone or email! theres more to this than that!

Bob Johnson said...

Great post, let me know if you hear anymore about the special. I find it very intriguing that there is a lot of publicity lately on this topic

Aura said...

Hi bob,

Thanks, I have been posting as much as I can find on the subject. I find this intriguing too. There is quite a buzz out there lately. Hmmm