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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Foolish Bigfoot Prank

Who in their right mind would dress up as Bigfoot and head out into the woods during hunting season? Well a number of young adults from Wiregrass, Alabama did just that and their foolish behavior could have ended tragically. While dressed as a Bigfoot, a teen carried another on his shoulder through the woods. Residents heard of the "sighting" and armed themselves with shotguns and headed out in search of the Bigfoot. Luckily for the people involved ( ages 18-23) no one was hurt.

Pranksters beware!


Rand said...

Silly pranks can turn out bad, especially if you see all the news about teens hurting themselves and even dieing while trying to get famous on youtube.

Saw this one video recently, some kids decided to push a huge rock down a hill and film it from different angles, it didn't turn out well at all.

Aura said...

Hi Rand!!

Yeah, Yet they keep on doing them, they don't seem to get it in their heads.

Bob Johnson said...

That's crazy talk, Now that I got my palmcorder for an early Christmas present and know how to upload stuff, I was thinking of rolling a big rock down a hill, but I think I'll stick to looking for ghosts, ufos and bigfoot.

Aura said...

LOL! Good idea Bob!