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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Reader Recalls UFO Sighting

Reader recalls his UFO sighting.
I had a sighting of a ufo a year and a half ago. I was coming back from dropping off someone when I thought I saw something or someone jumping out of a plane, with parachute deployed. Here is the thing, it didn't move it was stationary. I pulled into a driveway and was just staring at it. People were also driving buy and those stopped at the stoplight were looking too. Then I guess this craft started to move to the right about 100 feet then stopped and turned. Like it wipped its tail around because it turned over and wobbled a bit. Then it took of slowly moving away from my direction. I jumped back in my car and was trying to follow it. I got to a field clearing pulled into another drive and there it was heading at an up wards in the sky! Here is where it gets real interesting, a small 2 seater plane from a near by civil airport was flying at the same level as this thing and this craft looked as if it turned to look at the plane! Then turned back to the direction it was heading. I figured I would be underneath it if I drove a little and turned down the next street. Well that's what I did, only 6 minutes had past and I lost it for a moment, till a little black dot was so far up in the sky I could barely make it out!! This thing looked like an up side down u, but almost like a parachute. It even had humps coming down the sides. Black in color like Teflon. Here's the thing I don't think it was a craft from another world I think it was man made because it wobbled when it turned. But, I can say this, it was controlled by something!!

Thanks David for sending in your sighting and sharing it with us.

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