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Monday, January 21, 2008

Belgrave Hall

In early 1999, Belgrave Hall made headlines around the world when a security camera caught two ghostly apparitions on film.

"LONDON (AFP) - Security cameras outside a former country mansion in England, recorded ghostly apparitions one night last Christmas, including one that seemed to be a woman in Victorian dress, The Daily Telegraph reported Wednesday.... The two ghostly shapes were filmed at 4:48 a.m. on December 23. The museum's security lights were triggered by a flickering heat source. Five seconds later the cameras captured a brilliant six-foot (two-metre) high white apparition. After another five seconds, the spectre disappeared before a swirling mist came over a nearby wall."

Museum curators have experienced paranormal phenomena over the years and are convinced that their workplace is haunted by former residents. The gardener for the museum saw an apparition form right before his eyes and descend down the stairs before vanishing.

Ghost hunters from around the world come to investigate Belgrave Hall in hopes of recording paranormal phenomena. Recently Ghost Hunters International did an investigation of the 18th century home. Their time spent there will air this Wednesday on SciFi.

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