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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ghost Video

Is this evidence of a ghost captured on video? Click here to watch the video. I had to playback the footage a few times before I was able to see an human-like form standing off to the right in the doorway. Two eyes can been seen for a quick second or two. (that was a bit creepy) I find the footage to be genuine.

The Kentucky Area Paranormal Society were investigating an old TB hospital located somewhere in Kentucky when they captured the above footage. At the time two brothers from the team were the only ones in the building. Shortly after the image appeared and EVP was recorded that said "My name is Ian". Shadows and the slamming of doors have also been witnessed at this location. Here is video footage where a door shuts on command for the investigators. It happens around 4 minutes on the player and again shortly after.

See more videos

My thanks to Tommy for contacting me about this investigation and for sharing this footage.

Feedback from readers would be much appreciated.

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