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Friday, January 18, 2008

Impossible Fossils

Impossible Fossils - Fossils which have been found throughout our planet that do not make geological or historical sense.

Here are some examples of such finds. Something to think about...

In Jackson County, Kentucky, USA, in the 1880's, a series of fossilized tracks were discovered in a carboniferous layer of rock. There were imprints of a bear, something resembling a horse and two tracks of a human being. The prints were examined and declared genuine, although the layer of rock that they came from was about 300 million years old, well before any of the animals that could have made these tracks existed.

In Utah, USA, in 1968, a piece of rock was opened revealing a fossil of a sandaled shoe which seemed to have crushed a trilobite, a sea creature which died out about 280 million years ago. The sandal that seems to have crushed a living trilobite is 10.5 inches long by 3.5 inches wide with the heel being slightly more indented than the sole. Humans are thought to have been on the planet for between 1 and 2 million years, and well shaped footwear only in the last few thousand years. The fossil may be up to 600 million years old. There are those who think the prints may have been made by biped extraterrestrial beings visiting our planet 600 million years ago.

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