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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Lucideo Abbey & Nanteos Mansion

Fans of Ghost Hunters International be sure to watch the teams investigation at Lucideo Abbey & Nanteos Mansion tonight on SciFi at 9 pm ET.

Nanteos Mansion is believe to have a number of ghosts residing there. "These include the spirit of Elizabeth Powell, the late wife of William Powell, who wanders the hallways looking for her lost jewels; a phantom horse and carriage that pulls up to the front entrance in the middle of the night; and a candlestick-bearing lady whose appearance on the staircase is meant to forewarn of a death in the Powell family. An 18th century mansion that boasts many spirits who frequents its halls, attics and corridors. The most famous is Gruffydd Evans, a legendary harpist. Other spectral visitors include a family of spirit folk, an unseen servant boy who can be heard whistling while wandering the corridors, the sounds of an invisible horseman and nocturnal furniture removers." (Travel Trade Wales: Haunted Wales)

We'll find out tonight if the cast of Ghost Hunters International captured proof that paranormal happenings are going on at these two places.


Bob Johnson said...

Crap I knew I should have gotten here earlier for the reminder, have to watch fot the repeat, looks to be a good one.

Aura said...

It was. They captured some good evp's at both places and has quite a few personal experiences. Europe is so creepy, I love it!