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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

St. Augustine Lighthouse

In 2004, the team from T.A.P.S investigated the St. Augustine Lighthouse in Florida. Visitors and workers at the lighthouse have reported seeing shadowy figures and hearing footsteps /voices when no one else was there. What T.A.P.S found became the most talked about in the paranormal community. Here are their findings.


Bob Johnson said...

Very cool!

Aura said...

I found this evidence awesome! You could actually hear the women saying "help me". Dark shadows are creepy.

Reaper 28 said...

That big foot footage you posted your right it is real no hoax they have good evidence it cant be a hoax watch Monster Quest on the history channel they proved it can be human because the way it walked and they zoomed in and you could see teh characteristics os it and they outlined them this also couldnt be human.