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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Cattle Mutilation: Fact or Theory?

Cattle Mutilation: Fact or Theory? -Nick Carlton's post was thought provoking and disturbing. Who or what is responsible for the horrific mutilations of these animals? There are a number of theories surrounding this mystery. What's yours? Check out my most recent poll.


AfterDark said...

Thanks for the link to Nick's post. His investigation was very well done. Obviously there is much evidence there to ponder.
I'm new to your blog and will definitely keep coming back for more.

Rand said...

Great topic, Nicks posts are so in depth it ain't funny, but very informative.

I'd like to think that aliens are more interested in cows than humans, would mess with humanities head for sure.

Aura said...

Thanks afterdark. Wanna swap links? This is something that definitely deserves our attention and I like how Nick presented it.

I hope that someone is able to capture the evidence needed to find out who or what is doing these horrible acts. I do not think this is the result of disease.

Thanks for stopping by guys!